Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Shows

The Company use elements of Afro Cuban and Afro Brazilian dances in our choreographies. From the religions of Santeria (Cuba) and Candomble (Brazil) the Orixá/Orishas are deities. Each has a character, a dance, a colour and a song.

We also offer specialist workshops in schools, adult classes and privates for all ages in these styles. Please enquire to book school projects or shows for your event. 

The dances of the Orixá/Orishas are a major component of our teaching programme and with language, geography and history elements are a fantastic study for educational purposes. 

We also offer dance and language workshops.

airNana (5 minute salsa duet)

nanaNana is an all girl mambo show danced to the delightful sounds of Candido y su movimiento- we fuse the earthly body movements of Nana, the grandmother of all Orishas with thehottest mambo style and footwork.

  • Choreography: Ella Mesma and dancers Chris Benson and Sophia Theodosiou


"Ella Mesma and her dancers are fiercer in flesh than in the imagination. They are bold, sassy and fiery. The privilege was mine." Sean Graham- Choreographer/Artistic Director

  • Events Events The first Contemporary Latin Dance Theatre Platform of its kind, Roots of Rumba shines a spotlight on the wealth of activity happening in the Latin dance sector.
  • About About Passionate about promoting, performing and the practicing of Latin dance theatre, Element Arts are a UK based Latin Dance Company
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  • Dance Classes and School Workshops Dance Classes and School Workshops Element Arts are interested in using the elements of Earth Air Fire and Water to educate and teach Afro Cuban, Afro Brazilian and Latin dance. We teach in schools as well as offering workshops to the community.
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