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Element Arts Company specialise in Latin dance theatre, using Salsa, Samba, Afro Brazilian and Afro Cuban dance with an ‘element of’ Contemporary and Urban styles. We believe in inspiring, empowering and uniting people of different cultures, abilities, age and experience through the love of dance and self-expression

We believe that everyone can dance and we therefore focus on energizing and empowering young people to access their creativity and learn more about Latin dance styles.

We provide a safe, energetic and fun experience for children and young people where they can explore dance forms and their histories and cultures. All our teachers are highly qualified, well versed in health and safety and experienced in working with school children and young people from lower primary to upper secondary. All our dancers have been CRB/DBS checked.

Our workshops enrich the curriculum by supporting learning in history, geography, physical education, modern languages, art, religious education and English. Additionally by offering students the opportunity to be creative and reflective, and to appreciate and understand the different cultural influences that shape their heritage and that of others, they also promote students’ spiritual, social and cultural development.

The dances of the Orixa are a major component of our programme. From the religions of Santeria (Cuba) and Candomble (Brazil) the Orixa are deities. Each has a character, a dance, a colour and an element.

Perhaps your students would enjoy a ‘Brazilian Carnival Experience’ an ‘Exploration of the Elements’ or a performance project based on ‘Orixa’? And what better time to gain a unique insight into the dance heritage of Brazil prior to the Olympic Games in Rio next summer?

Choose from a school performance followed by a taster workshop or a series of workshops leading to a performance. We also offer a bespoke service if you want something a little more unique..

If you are interested in booking a workshop or a programme please get in touch.

We can also teach our classes in Spanish, Portuguese and French